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Small Business Shoutout Challenge: Be a Part of the Domino Effect

We’re coming up fast to National Small Business Week, this year taking place September 13-17 after having been postponed in May due to the pandemic. 

According to the Small Business Association (SBA) “small businesses create two out of every three net new jobs in the private sector, with more than half our workforce either working for or owning a small business”. Says Kevin Jackson, president and CEO at Advanced Business Equipment, “We’ve been serving small businesses and organizations in WNC and the Upstate since 1981. We recognized a long time ago that local small businesses are the heart of our communities, pumping energy into surrounding neighborhoods and making them vibrant places to live, work and raise our families.”

That’s why we created the Small Business Shoutout Challenge with area Chambers and small business organizations, and we invite you to participate! It’s an easy, feel-good, free initiative, and it couldn’t be easier—just think a minute about the many small businesses your business counts on to function and thrive, and give at least one shoutout every day of small business week to one of them:

  • A company that helps you to work efficiently every day (ex: your favorite eateries/coffee bars that give you the energy to keep plugging away)
  • An organization that helps you meet your organization’s mission statement (ex: a local IT provider that keeps communication going, a local website builder or printer that helps you get your message out, a local consultant, etc)
  • A company you count on for repairs (ex: HVAC, plumbers, ground maintenance crews, etc)

Adds Jackson, “Through the years I’ve noted repeatedly that our local entrepreneurs’ commitment to their businesses isn’t just about creating profit—it’s about creating communities. After a devastating pandemic year, we think it’s more important than ever to celebrate small businesses in 2021.”

Join us in creating a positive domino effect, where each great reaction leads to another great reaction, sparking an ever-expanding circle of goodwill and cheer. Be a part of a movement that celebrates small businesses and, above all, the people who give their all to help their communities thrive. 

Be sure to use the Challenge hashtags for your shoutouts: #SmallBusinessShoutoutChallenge #SmallBusinessShoutout #aShoutoutaDay #ABEsmallbusinesschallenge #NationalSmallBusinessWeek2021