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TECH TIP: How to Know if Your Information Has Been Involved in a Data Breach

screenshot of website haveiveenpwned

Many people naively assume that a company will inform them if a data breach occurs, and their account information is exposed. And that used to be true for the most part—but with data leaks a daily occurrence, unfortunately, more often than not this is no longer true.

There is a solution: go to Have I Been Pwned, a tool that allows you to check if your email or phone number have been included in a data breach. You can perform a spot check by typing in your phone number or email, or sign up with just your email address to get notified when future pwnage occurs and your account is compromised.

If you have been pawned, the website gives you the specifics of which accounts were involved, and what personal information was included in the data breach (username, password, date of birth, etc.). While you can't do anything about the data leak, you can exert damage control by going to those accounts (many of which we forget we even signed up for) and changing your passwords as quickly as possible. 

You can’t keep track of and take control of your digital footprint without knowing where and what information is stored—and if it is leaked. Have I Been Pwned enables you to track if leaks involving your data occurred so you can mitigate the potential damage.

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