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What are Double Extortion Demands?

red email icon with phishing hook through it

Ransomware operators are now frequently operating with a one-two punch: through the so-called trend of "big game hunting", once they have infiltrated a network, they move laterally through it with the aim of gaining as many access points as possible, maximizing the percentage of the environment under their control. After having operationally impacted a large percentage of server-side infrastructure, that's when they deploy the ransomware message. 

As if that were not enough of a disaster, once an attacker is lurking on a network, they may also search through files and extract sensitive, corporate data — including customer or client information and intellectual property — then threaten their victims with its sale or a public leak.

To be clear, these are two separate extortion demands—one, pay up to regain control of your server, website, data, etc. And two, pay up to avoid having confidential information about your customers or patients leaked online.

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