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ABE TechTip: What is AutoStore and How Can I Benefit?

illustration of a woman standing at the office copier with a document

 Do you need a means to automatically manage all document and data capture activities from your multifunction device across any enterprise IT environment?

ABE Welcomes Newest Intern, Wells Jackson


Our internship program welcomes Wells Jackson, son of the current CEO and grandson of ABE's founder, Harry Jackson.

ABE TechTip: Scan to a Searchable Document

Do you need to scan hundreds of documents to an archive, but need to be able to search and access the information they hold for future reference? We've got you.

ABE TechTip: Banner Printing on your Bizhub

Did you know about the banner print feature available on Konica Minolta bizhubs, allowing you to print banners and signage in-house?

How Sustainable is Your Office Copier?

Have you ever wondered just how sustainable your office copier equipment is? If you’re part of a growing number of professionals who want to align purpose with expenditures, read on as we break down the key elements to office equipment sustainability offered by Konica Minolta and Canon.

FBI Special Alert: QR Code Scam on the Rise

FBI warns that cybercriminals are modifying QR codes to redirect victims to malicious sites so they can steal login and financial information. 

Nonprofit Client Spotlight: FIRST

A quick tour though their website is all you need to realize FIRST is an indispensable resource for families and persons with disabilities. With a firm conviction that individuals with disabilities can thrive within the community, FIRST offers the knowledge and support needed to make this a reality through a comprehensive series of programs for children and persons with disabilities spanning preschool through kindergarten and high school, and the transition into adulthood. 

FBI issues warning about Google Voice authentication scam

If you share your phone number online—and let’s face it, most of us do sooner or later—you run a real risk of being targeted by the slick Google Voice authentication scam, warns the FBI in a recent communication.

Donate for the Season of Giving

For this year's season of giving we are partnering with our amazing clients PBI - Commercial Interiors, with a wonderful twist. PBI has organized coordinated donations across the following 3 organizations: BeLoved Asheville, Homeward Bound of WNC and MANNA FoodBank to prepare for upcoming winter weather and the holiday season.