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Is Your Office Equipment Bleeding You Dry?

Vampire with fangs showing and text reading 'Is your office equipment bleeding you dry?'

Office vampires drain time, energy and valuable resources you could be using to run your business more efficiently. Take a bite out of the inefficient use of your MFP with a Managed Print Software Solution from Advanced Business Equipment!

How Safe from Attack is Your VPN?

zombie silhouettes outside a home protected under a glass dome

What do zombies and malware have in common? Both are generally created by an infectious virus, spreading quickly and wreaking havoc. Work-from-home offices can be especially vulnerable, as they are often not given the same protections as your organization's network. So what should do *before* zombies—or malicious virus attacks—actually happen?

OneScreen GoSafe on NBC News

Man demonstrating use of the OneScreen GoSafe

 Watch this video and see how the use of OneScreen GoSafe is helping everyone at USD to safely return to their normal school routines, despite COVID-19.

Who Trains the Trainer?

man doing online certification at computer

If you’ve invested in a multi-function printer (MFP) for your business, you need it to be up and running, with service availability when issues pop up. However, at ABE it’s not enough to just ‘send a repairman’ out. That’s because we are not only authorized dealers for Konica Minolta and Canon, we are also a factory-certified technician service meeting their high standards for technicians who take care of their equipment.

At Advanced Business Equipment (ABE), we currently have 12 field technicians, and all of them are factory certified on every type of Konica Minolta/Canon office equipment they work on. We can deliver that level of excellence because, as an authorized Konica Minolta and Canon training partner in the U.S., we have our own certified trainer, Mike Cordiale, on site. This is a distinction few can offer.

Mike has been a certified trainer for KM since 1999, and for Canon since 2004. He takes between 45 and 55 classes annually with Konica Minolta and approximately 15 with Canon. He is then authorized to teach those same classes to our technicians here at our facilities in Asheville, NC. For our customers, this offers you the following advantages.

ABE Order Fulfillment

2 imaging technicians in front of MFP unit

After inventory control specialist Judah Kelem received a shipment of new Konica Minolta bizhubs, he noted during inspection that one of the cardboard boxes had a hole in it. 

Coronavirus-related Scams Exploit WFH Vulnerabilities

hacker figure silhouetted against field of text

Research by ZDNet has shown that tens of thousands of new unique coronavirus-themed domains are being created on a daily basis. Unfortunately, research also points to 90% of those webpages as being scam sites, with the most likely purpose that of distributing malware. 

More worrisome news? Ransomware has shot up anywhere from 72%-105%. Brute-force attacks are up 400%.

Non-Profit Client Spotlight: Interfaith Assistance Ministry

Volunteers at work, Interfaith Assistance Ministry logo

In today’s polarized world, it is refreshing to hear of a non-profit that, as part of their mission, respects “all beliefs". Interfaith Assistance Ministry (IAM), organized originally by local churches, the synagogue and the Hendersonville Ministerial Association, is exactly that: an interfaith non-profit organization that believes in diversity and nondiscrimination providing assistance to Henderson County residents since 1984. 

COVID-19 Updates

ABE  Implements Use of FDA-approved Body Temperature Scanners to Aid in Fight Against the Spread of Covid-19

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, businesses are looking for ways to reopen yet safely bringing employees back to work and customers back to establishments. Temperature checks at business entryways have become a common sight. ABE is now offering the FDA-approved body temperature scanner, which is eligible for CARES Act funding.

Non-Profit Client of the Week: BlueWest Opportunities

Group of program participants and employees sitting at a table working on crafts

This week we highlight our non-profit client BlueWest Opportunities, an amazing local organization providing residential services to individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities, with the goal of developing life skills and providing community integration.

Training Tuesday: Body Temperature, Mask Detection & Facial Recognition Scanner

man giving demo of body temperature scanner; employees using scanner

ABE staff recently divided up into small groups for training on the One Screen GoSafe Body Temperature Scanner Touchless Kiosk with an overview of how the system works. Staff then tried out the kiosk to see the different scan outcomes when scanning for temperature, mask presence and facial recognition..