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Beware the China Domain Name Registration Scam

screenshot of email received

First reported in 2010, the ‘China domain name registration email scam’ has never entirely gone away. Now it’s rearing its ugly head again. We recently received the email you see below. This scam is so well known, there’s even a Wikipedia page on it, so don’t fall for it.

It's Baaack: the Business Directory Scam

red keys on a computer keyboard spelling 'scam'

Have you received an email lately from a 'business directory', asking you to check your business listing for accuracy in their directory? We’ve received several lately. Don't fall for it. 

Have You Heard of the "Toner Piracy" Scam?

Business owners beware: There's a new spin on an old office supply scam, and it’s happening all over the USA. According to the Federal Trade Commission, “toner pirates" are bilking businesses out of millions of dollars. Who is at risk? Any business with a phone—in short, every business out there.