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Creating a Safe Hybrid/Remote Workspace

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Whether you've set your remote employees up in a hybrid work model or working remotely full time, they need a designated work station and a solid IT protection plan to avoid leaving them vulnerable to security risks.

Coronavirus-related Scams Exploit WFH Vulnerabilities

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Research by ZDNet has shown that tens of thousands of new unique coronavirus-themed domains are being created on a daily basis. Unfortunately, research also points to 90% of those webpages as being scam sites, with the most likely purpose that of distributing malware. 

More worrisome news? Ransomware has shot up anywhere from 72%-105%. Brute-force attacks are up 400%.

Let's Keep Your Business in Business

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ABE has been an important part of the business community since 1981 and we know that we can only be as healthy as the environment which we are a part of. We want to help as many businesses as possible make it through this crisis. That’s why we are pleased to be able to offer 90 days deferred payment on new equipment leases, as well as no-contract options, for equipment and/or software your business needs in order to set your teams up to work securely and efficiently from home. Let’s do everything possible to keep your business in business during this crisis.